Magic moment in Peggy’s Cove


Based on the waterfront in the heart of Halifax for 24 hours, I left the city for a ride in the neighborhood. After rolling windows open and music to the ears for hours on small coastal roads, I agree that the final destination for today will be at Peggy’s Cove.

Once the car parked, I go wandering with my wife in this small coastal village. I discovered the world of fishermen of Nova Scotia camera in hands, photographing fishing rigging textures and others. At two hours from the sunset, I suggest Milene to go for a walk to the lighthouse. Just for scouting. After about twenty minutes to study the various points of view, to calculate the angle where the sun will pass below the horizon, I feel that my best chance would be to this small pool of water.

In the sky, the same kind of clouds that covered the sky the night before. I told Milene that it’s the best view and the chances are more than good for a sunset as spectacular as the day before. I point out the large number of people with cameras and tripods. I told her that I want to wait here for at least two hours. “You know, I would not make somebody steal my water pool…”

She looks at me seems to think I’m a little crazy. I deploy my tripod with a smile, do some tests. Now is the time for waiting the magical light. As time passes and the sunset approach, hundreds of people walk on the rocks and admire the scenery. When the sun passes under the clouds we are blinded by golden lights . People engage in all directions to take pictures!

My wife tells me I should perhaps wake up and enjoy, but indeed, taking pictures! After all, from the time that we expect that moment… I whisper to her : “Good things come to those who waits …” Nearly twenty minutes passed, people got back. When all people have returned to the parking lot, the sky lights up with a pastel pink color. Several people power back. But the show is very short and intense, almost exclusively for us! Today, when I say it’s worth the wait, I have a smile in as an answer…

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